Introducing a beach sandal in a completely new shape with a design based on traditional “zori” sandals using Japanese patterns

Japanese traditional patterns originated from simple line drawing in everyday life.
Japanese people have always been sensitive to the seasonal changes of their environment and have produced many patterns inspired by these changes.
GETA SETTA JAPAN is a new type of beach sandal that features Japanese traditional patterns.

Gentle comfort is amply provided with its suction-like tight fit Its fluffy “hanao” sandal straps provide long hours of wear without discomfort

With the natural rubber material used in the upper sole portion, this sandal is both flexible and moderately resilient, so it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. The sandal laces securely hug the feet providing great walking support.

So when you get in the mood, send a present that is true to your Wagokoro (Japanese spirit or “sincerity”)

In Japan there are expressions such as “hare-bare” (“cheerful”), “hare-gi” (“Sunday best”), “hare-sugata” (“proud moment”). We offer a gift kit that will be sure to please festival celebrants etc. A wrapping service is provided that offers a bit of Wagokoro in the form of a unique Daruma box that will be sure to communicate your Wagokoro to your loved one.

[Kit contents/size]
1) Shopping bag/ W280×H400×D80mm
2) Wrapping paper/ W580×H580mm
3) Sticker/ W65×H32mm

Great for a variety of occasions, Slip them on for walks or when kicking back at home.
Or wrap them up, or as a lovely gift. You can even use them as a special way to welcome your guests.

Because “GETA SETTA JAPAN” is a beach-style sandal, not only does it match a Yukata or Kimono; it also fits superbly with a wide range of garments such as “Steteko” (long boxers), casual denim, dresses, and other clothes.It goes without saying you can use them for yourself, but why not delight your family or friends with a GETA gift.Perfect for strolling about during your trip to the onsen?Japanese style hot spring?or even your own neighborhood.

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